Scented Candles Gift Set - Sparkling

Scented Candles Gift Set - Sparkling

A set of seven scented candles.
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 'Sparkling' scented candle gift set contains seven 'Best Kept Secrets' candles with different scents. The candles are hand made in the UK. Burn time of every candle is 10 hours.


'Sparkling' scents:

Blush: Tangy jasmine, rose and lily.
Celebration: Bergamot, citrus, neroli, cyclamen and sandalwood.
Wishes & Kisses: Warm and aromatic saffron and myrrh.
Velvet: Melody of rose, lily, mandarin, lemon and vanilla.
Angel: Honey and caramel with oriental spices and a touch of myrrh.
: Wild lillies and lavender.
Love: A romantic mood with strawberries and pineapple.


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